Cleaning Services

You deserve a clean space and that’s our specialty

At DMS Pro Cleaning, we believe that it has never been more essential to have a professional cleaning company committed to following proper cleaning and sanitizing techniques to keep your space clean and safe. We specialize in residential, apartment, move-in, move-out, and commercial cleaning and sanitizing services in the DFW area. You may schedule weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly cleaning appointments that will maintain the cleanliness of your home or business all year round.

Clients choose us for our advanced cleaning expertise in providing prompt and highly professional cleaning services that enhance the look and feel of residential and commercial properties. Our comprehensive cleaning services have a positive impact that extends far beyond enjoying aesthetics as we utilize sanitizing techniques that will help your home or office keep allergens and microbes at bay. We designed our system to allow for minimal disruption to your home or business, while performing cleaning services at the highest standard to ensure your satisfaction.

Our Cleaning Services

Residential Cleaning & Sanitizing

Our team implements an efficient, thorough cleaning and sanitizing service to create a clean and safe home for you and your loved ones.

Apartment Cleaning & Sanitizing

DMS Pro Cleaning offers an extensive range of cleaning solutions to ensure optimum cleanliness and clutter reduction in your apartment.

Commercial Cleaning & Sanitizing

We will create a clean, fresh-smelling workplace to limit sick days to help keep your employees productive and safe at all times.

Move In / Move Out Cleaning & Sanitizing

We will make your move in and move out less stressful as our skilled team will perform detailed cleaning and sanitizing, so you don’t have to.

How it Works

Schedule Your Experience

Call us to request a quote and schedule an appointment at your preferred date and time. We will recommend the best cleaning and sanitizing package for your needs. Our team will also address any concerns that you might have about our cleaning process.

Meet Your Cleaning Experts

At DMS Pro Cleaning, we take great pride in our fully vetted and expertly trained cleaning specialists. You can feel confident that your home or business will be cleaned and sanitized to perfection by an experienced and courteous team that you can trust.

Get Professional Advice

As a premier cleaning and sanitizing company, our primary goal is to ensure your home or business always remains clean and safe. Our cleaning staff will provide you with expert advice on cleaning and disinfecting your space in between cleanings.

Get the Best Cleaning Service

We integrate sanitizing as a vital component of our cleaning service to protect you and your loved ones from disease-causing microbes. Our cleaning professionals use the best cleaning products to disinfect your property safely and efficiently.

Quality and Professional Cleaning Services to Satisfy your Needs

Let us use our years of experience, skilled staff, and proven cleaning systems to ensure a clean and safe environment for your family, employees, and guests. We handle cleaning jobs of any sized homes and commercial properties in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Our cleaning and sanitizing services are performed by extensively trained professionals who take pride in their work. We only use green cleaning and disinfection products, which are effective and safe for all surfaces. We use top-of-the-line equipment that simplifies and speeds up our cleaning process.

At DMS Pro Cleaning, we’re here to make your life easier, and that starts with booking our services. Call us to request a quote or schedule our cleaning services at a date and time convenient for you.