About Us

You deserve a clean space and that’s our specialty

Meet Our Owner, Luis Vega

When Luis was just a year old, his family came to Dallas from Nicaragua to escape the communist government, poverty, violence and oppression. Just like any immigrant family can tell you, moving to a foreign country with little money and not knowing the language is TOUGH! On the flip side, it instills a fire in you to get ahead and achieve the American dream. His parents took advantage of this fire, worked minimum wage jobs, lived a life of frugality and saved money. Within ten years of coming to this country, his family opened their first business store front. “I was 10,” said Luis, “and I remember being really proud about it, knowing this was no easy achievement. From that moment, I knew I would one day be an entrepreneur.

Luis Vega, DMS Pro Cleaning Owner

We kept in mind our goal, to help people get their time back, and live in healthier, cleaner environments. This is where we are at now. Keeping our procedures safe and keeping families and employees safe and healthy.

Kim and I married in 2011, and had our son, Sebastian not long after. In 2019 we decided to start our company. Because family is so important, we decided on the name Daddy, Mommy, Sebastian Pro Cleaning, or DMS Pro Cleaning.

We want to give families time to spend with each other in a healthier, cleaner environment. That’s why we only use environmentally safe cleaning solutions.

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